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Stop Smoking

Try the £360 GUARANTEE TO QUIT for a year

Notoriously difficult to stop smoking, according to research in the Daily Mail, only 6% of people who want to quit smoking succeed.  The highest success rates are for counselling plus hypnotherapy and medication to assist with the withdrawal.  With integral counselling you have at least 75% chance.  

This means hypnotherpay is much more effective than patches, with over 75% success rate for 206 smokers who used Hypnofix since 2012.  Taking the recording of the hypnosis CD home with you means that you will be able to keep your motivation high through the challenges of the detox process, without resorting to drugs or behaviours which challenge your quitting.

Hypnosis  is much more effective than ordinary therapy, for dealing with all addictions and with hypnofix you can actually change the parts of the brain which cause the cravings.  

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