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Carolyn Clark has been counselling and using hypnotherapy for over thirty years.  She has specialised in  relationships, communications, eating and weightloss, and addiction cessation, and psychosexual therapy, trauma and addictions, as well as the uplifting potential of spiritual development.  

Hypnosis is a more efficient way of helping people work through their past failures or blocks to achieve the goals that they want for themselves.  You can let go of past by working through the problems that keep coming up by finding the solution and then deleting them from the memory.  Carolyn has developed the new rTMShypnotherapy for slimming, depression, anxiety, sports, and career success, as well as anxiety and relationship issues, such as abuse, and rape crisis treatment.  

Text or call: 07713247415 for 15 minutes free talk.  

This is an easy way to achieve the mind-changes, avoiding the use of drugs or surgery.

Carolyn is also a relationship and psychosexual counsellor trained through Relate, and has worked with thousands of people to help them achieve greater intimacy and love in their relationships. She has over three thousand hours of work and is HCPC Registered as a Counselling Psychologist.

You may call or text: 07713247415 to get in touch with Carolyn if you wish to find out more. 

Hypnosis, in contrast to using drugs or machinery has only the side effect of making you feel really relaxed, and in combination with counselling you are able to let go of blocks from the past and physically feel your mind and body change as it responds to the changes in the brain neurochemistry

Educational Psychology: Stress Reduction in the educational setting assists students perform to the best of their ability. Using hypnosis enhances your concentration when studying, and a short hypnosis CD can be played every day to focus the mind on what it can achieve.  Hypnosis is really all about focussing the mind, so this trains the student to keep their mind focussed on the goals they wish to achieve, and the rTMS overcomes the anxiety associated with past failures or fears.

Bio: Carolyn was born in Scotland, but has lived abroad, and has been a psychotherapist and trainer in Greece, Italy, Holland, USA, England and Scotland.  She has returned to Scotland and worked in the NHS as a psychosexual counsellor, and in a Relationship Scotland venue as a Couple and Individual Counsellor.  She is now developing a research programme involving the use of rTMS machines in comparison with rTMShypnotherpy for treating depression and anxiety.  

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