Understanding the collective


How do you relate to your unconscious?  How far do you suppress, repress or censor what it brings up?  Who controls you?  Is it your conscious mind, as you may like to believe, or as Freud, Jung and Assagioli suggest, it is largely the unconscious which powers you?

Using the subconscious you can begin to take account of unexplained impulses, and intuitions that rise up in your experience which may not fit a rational picture.  Integral counselling will help you conect with your own cosmic awareness and meta-needs. Parts of your personality and higher self where the  masculine and feminine principles come together into a synthesis can be understood.    

Using meditation you are able to examine the mystery of consciousness, identity and energy.  You can understand the personality and its relationship between conscious and unconscious, the ego and self, on a spiritual journey.  As you explore your relational side, you are able to understand the projection and impulse to become whole.  You can understand the duality implicit in your being and the quality of masculine or feminine energy present within yourself, and how it is expressed in your own life.  As you explore your higher self, you will be able to notice cycles, archetypes (queen, father, ruler, priestess, priest-healer, philosopher, maiden, idealist, artist, magician, among others), and how they play a role in your life.  

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