Auto-Immune Cure


Starting with the Emotions, you will find that we hold a lot of toxicity because we do not express our emotions in a healthy way.  Recent research has shown that IBS and other problems has been caused by gluten intolerance, but it is compounded by carrying things that we "cannot stomach" or find that our will power and personal integrity has been over-ridden.  When we are not able to be true to ourselves, we get stomach conditions.  

Other compunding causes may be a nasty infection, long term antibiotics, frequent use of painkillers, or the result of an unhealthy diet; high intakes of sugar, saturated fats and salt, processed and heavily refined foods, caffeine and alcohol. A poor diet combined with high levels of stress or anxiety can make the situation even worse. Of course genetics inevitably play a part too.  

The first step is to fix the foundations of your immune system, so that you break the vicious circle.  Your gut needs help and support so you heal the damage which has been done.  This takes time but can be achieved. Simple dietery changes can help break the cycle of damage and allows for remarkable healing.  Call Carolyn - your first 15 minutes free.

The symptoms can be checked- likely that there has been a reaction to gliadin, which is found in gluten.

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How do you make food choices

Other things that cause symptoms: pesticides,

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