Depression & Mood Worries

Altered states allow you to be amenable to positive suggestions, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) agreed prior to hypnosis, allows you to accept a healthy response.  When Hypnofix methods are combined with the daily meditation from the CD, stubborn emotional conditions are eradicated.  Depression comes from many things, but the roots of most problems are from past issues, and drugs often create very unpleasant side effects, which can be avoided. 

CONTRACT:  £360 SPECIAL GUARANTEE: Attend the sessions, without being late or cancelling, complete the simple journal, and listen to the personalised CDs that you are given, playing them every day (20 minutes).  If you follow this programme for six months, and you have not achieved your goal, you can have a FULL REFUND.   

It is very helpful to have treatment which allows yourself to gently experience the causes of your unhappiness or decisions about yourself. for more information.

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